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Learn more about Dart in 10 minutes or less

Dart is an open-source programming language. It was developed by Google on October 10, 2011. It is used for building mobile, desktop, and web applications.

Dart helps us to create the frontend user interface.

It can’t execute the code directly and it only compiles to native code and JavaScript. It doesn’t support an array while it supports the interface, mixins, abstract classes, reified generics, and type interface.


Same as Java, Variables uses for named storage location i.e. they are data containers used for storing values. It uses a var keyword for it.

E.g. var v_name= ‘Language’

Data Types

Data types are used for the type and size of data integrated with variables and functions. There are the following types:

  • Number: Used for displaying a number i.e. integer and double. E.g. int age = 25
  • String: Represents sequences of characters. E.g. string name=’ Dart’
  • Boolean: It represents Boolean values i.e. True or False using the bool keywords. E.g. bool var_name =True
  • List & Maps: Used to represents a collection of objects.
  • Dynamic: If the variable type is not defined then it automatically has a dynamic default type.


To perform a particular task we use a set of statements together which are known as Functions. They are arranged in a proper manner that is easy to read, maintain, and reuse.

E.g. void main(){

sub (5,7);


void sub(int a, int b){

int c;

c= a-b;




Dart language supports all operators such as Arithmetic, Equality, Comparison, Increment and Decrement, and Logical.

Decision Making and Loops

It helps us to evaluate statements before executing it. It supports if, if-else, and switch statements whereas Loops uses to execute a block of statements with specific code as it supports for, for…in, while, and do…while loops.


Comments use for providing information about the project, variables, and an operation. They may be in single line comment (//), multi-line comment (/*….*/), and Doc comment (///).

Continue and Break

Continue Statement allows us to skip the code inside the loop and jump to the next iteration whereas Break statement allows terminating the flow of the program and continue its execution.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Flutter


  • Popularity
  • High performance
  • One User Interface
  • Saves time and money
  • Has a Powerful community


  • Limited set of tools and libraries
  • Code results in larger file size
  • Weak iOS features support

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