Taming CSS3 animations

Here are a few tools which will help you use css3 animations in almost all browsers:

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ffmpeg decoded

I recently used ffmpeg to build a small script which adds animated gif as watermark to an existing video. This tutorial came handy for implementing that script.

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Understanding React and Redux in 2018

Interested to learn React. Well, then look no further. I have gone through the following books and videos which helped me learn React and Redux.

Here is how I learned React and Redux:

  • By watching a couple of free videos at which helped me understand and learn React + Redux
  • If you are a beginner to React then you can go through this video
  • If you prefer books instead of videos then I would recommend the following books: React and Redux

Now to be a ninja in React; you can follow this book which explains ecmascript. Do let me know about your experience in React and Redux in the comments below.


Node.js experience

Working with node.js was easy due to my familarity with Javascript . As a beginner to node, I started learning about npm or the node package manager.

PM2 was another great tool that I came across while working with nodejs.

Building an e-learning application and deploying  it to live server was a challenge which I had to overcome eventually.

And, I finally completed my project with a couple of lessons learned the hard way.




PHP mail using Postfix and Gmail smtp

Follow instructions in the link given below to install Postfix and configure gmail smtp as relay in it.

In the step where you are adding Gmail Username and Password to Postfix. Use the password generated for your app as password.

I hope your setup goes well. Thanks for reading this post.





Flying with Phalcon

Switching from CodeIgniter to Phalcon was no easy task. I persisted and in the end I succeeded.

Phalcon framework is loaded as a php extension and is written in C which yields better performance results in comparison to other MVC frameworks.

My experiments with Phalcon 3.0 have just begun.

I will upload a tutorial for beginners to Phalcon 3.0 soon.


Transitioning from Joomla to Drupal

When I first started this transition; I thought that it was going to be tough and challenging. Looks like I was wrong; the new Drupal 8 interface is uber cool.

Having familiarity with Drupal 6 and 7.

It was a slow but rewarding process.